What is your standard cancellation policy?


To receive a full refund, please call to cancel or reschedule your tour at least 24 hours prior to your tour departure time.

If it is within 24 hours, please notify us immediately to discuss your situation. In most cases, within 24 hours, refunds will not be allowed.

Do you offer any special rates for Military/First Responders/Seniors etc...?

The following discounts are applied to a reservation when you book over the phone (808-874-5649). Must present valid ID to confirm the requested discount.

  1. Military Discount | 25%
  2. Nurse, Police, Paramedic, Teacher | 20%
  3. Kama’aina Discount  | 25%
  4. Active Senior Discount (ages 65+) | 10%
Do you offer any guarantees?

We want you to be Happy: Our primary goal is your safety and satisfaction. We are known for our Ho’okipa (hospitality) and work hard to give you an incredible experience! However, if you are sorely disappointed with your tour experience, please contact us directly and provide any feedback you wish to share. We do listen!

Do you have special rates for kids?

Children Ages 3-12 and Teens ages 13-17 receive discounted rates on tickets. Please check the individual tour’s page for exact rates. Children under 3 are free.

Is your trip suitable for young children?

As a family owned business we are especially aware of the needs of children of all ages. Most kids can learn to snorkel as early as 2-3 years old. We recommend the Discover Ka’anapali or Discover Lana’i as the most Family-friendly tours. Each of our trips are different, but all have lots of fun things for kids!

Do I have to Snorkel?

We love getting first-timers into the water and our Crew are trained to assist new snorkelers to have a safe and enjoyable experience. With that being said, you can absolutely choose not to Snorkel if you’d rather relax on the catamaran. If you are traveling with others who are snorkeling, you will be able to watch them in the water from the deck of the boat! If you choose not to snorkel, we do not offer a discount on your tour.

What do I need to know about Beach Loading?

Beach loading is boarding the catamaran off the beach by way of swim ladder. All our Kaanapali tours require beach loading. 

Important Information Guests need to know prior to booking

1.    Beach loading requires physical agility. You must move quickly through soft and wet sand and up a steep ladder.
2.    You will get wet. You may get wet up to your waist, or higher. Long pants or Long dresses are not advised.
3.    Safety is our main concern. If you have mobility issues and are unable to walk up the ladder safely, we will try to reschedule you for an alternate tour.
4.    Footwear must be removed for loading / unloading.
5.    Keep a hand free for the railing – bring backpacks or shoulder bags. No loose towels.
6.    Protect electronics in a water-proof bag.
7.    Guest with any sort of Mobility issues, or who require assistance of any kind to walk should not beach load. Don’t put yourself at risk!
8.    Alternate loading locations may require an additional walk of up to 12 minutes, and through sections of soft sand.

Will I be likely to get seasick?

If a passenger is prone to motion sickness (car, plane, boat etc) we offer natural and over-the-counter remedies to be taken at guest’s discretion. The current recommendation is to take the recommended dose, 2 hrs before the trip. Please read the labels and use with care. We recommend sitting outside and near the back of the vessel to improve chances of avoiding seasickness. Avoid the cabin area and the restrooms. Avoid looking at phone or reading a book as that can amplify the effects. Our crew are well-experienced with making you feel comfortable so if you happen to be feeling the “motion of the ocean”, please alert a crew member right away.

We recommend buying these goggles  if you know you are prone to sea sickness– they really do work!

Which sunscreen is the best to use?

The best sunscreen, is NO sunscreen….

At Trilogy Excursions, we prioritize ocean and skin protection. According to NOAA, no sunblock is scientifically proven to be entirely “reef-safe”. However, mineral sunscreens containing non-nano titanium oxide or zinc oxide seem to be less harmful to corals. However, even mineral-based sunscreens involve a chemical processes. That’s why we recommend covering upinstead of relying solely on sunscreen. The bestsunscreen, is NO sunscreen….

Instead, use sun management such as hats, neck buffs, and UPF-rated sunshirts which provide a reliable barrier and reduces the need for excessive sunscreen application. These can be worn in and out of the water. By choosing sunshirts and a limited amount of mineral-based sunscreens (for the small sensitive areas like your lips and nose), you can enjoy the ocean while minimizing the potential impact on coral reefs. At Trilogy Excursions, we encourage responsible choices for the long-term preservation of our ocean – O Ka pono o nā Kai (Do what benefits the ocean!)

How do I know if my sunscreen is “reef-friendly”?

BEWARE! Unfortunately the terms “reef friendly” and “reef safe” are not regulated, so you can’t always trust products with this description. It’s important to actually check the “active ingredients” label on the back of your sunscreen or personal care product to ensure that reef-harming chemicals are not included. The size of minerals can also have an impact. Be sure to use micro-sized (or non-nano) mineral sunscreens to avoid nanoparticles, as these smaller particles can be toxic in high concentrations.

It’s also advised to stick with lotions and avoid spray or misting sunscreens, especially those that contain titanium dioxide as it can be harmful to your health if inhaled. Finally, it’s always good to use products that cut back on single use plastic packaging, either by using containers that are reusable, have high recycled content or are made out of minimally processed plant-based materials like cardboard.

Which Ingredients in Sunscreen are harmful for the reef?

Here’s the list of banned ingredients that you should stay away from and not bring to Maui:

  • Oxybenzone (illegal in Hawaii)
  • Octinoxate (illegal in hawaii)
  • Octocrylene
  • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor
  • PABA
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
Is there shade on your boats?

All of our vessels have either covered cabins or awnings or both. We recommend bringing additional sun protection like sunglasses, a hat, sun shirt, light jacket, and towel.

Is there a cabin where I can sit and/or put my personal gear?

All the vessels have ample storage area for personal gear. Trilogy 1, 4, 5 & 6 have the largest covered cabins.

Are flotation devices required?

For safety purposes we require our passengers to wear a type of flotation while snorkeling. Trilogy offers two comfortable options for guests to choose from:

1. A buoyant flotation belt or

2. A non-buoyant inflatable vest. This vest gives you the option to freely dive down below the surface.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Our primary goal is your safety and satisfaction–we can promise smiles but not sunshine. Not everyday is sunny and we don’t always cancel for rain: island weather can be very deceptive — i.e. It can be raining and windy a couple of miles north of Lahaina, but calm and sunny in Lahaina and on Lana’i.

How many passengers go on your boats?

Each boat is US Coast Guard certified for substantially more passengers that we take on our trips. Generally we take 40-50 passengers on our 55 ft. catamarans, and 50-55 passengers on our 65 ft. catamarans.

During COVID restrictions, on average we are taking 40-45 passengers (typically 50, licensed for 80) on a 54′ catamaran. – Last updated 8/31/21

Where does your Kaanapali trip go to snorkel and SNUBA dive?

During the summer months we typically go north to Honolua Bay, and in the winter south to Olowalu. West Maui offers several miles of coastline with many SNUBA dive and snorkel sites. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer SNUBA on our Discover Ka’anapali tour at this time. Updated 8/20/22  스누바 더 알아보기.  Watch here.

How far in advance do we need to make reservations?

During peak travel months several weeks advance reservation is recommended to guarantee the trip and day of your choice. Most of the time a week to ten days advance reservation is adequate.

Is Gratuity expected on a Trilogy tour?

Our Crew are in the hospitality and service industry. If you’d like to express appreciation for excellent service received the crew split all gratuities equally. Any gratuity amount is entirely up to your discretion and based on your satisfaction with the service provided.

I'm getting married and wondering if you have special group rates?

Our Groups Department has a dedicated team of planners that can help coordinate your private charter. We can accommodate groups as small as 2 to as large as 350. You can call them direct at 808-661-4743 x7018 or email: groups@sailtrilogy.com

Which site has the best snorkeling - Molokini or Lana'i?

Both sites are considered excellent. Molokini has some of the best and most consistent water clarity in Hawaii. It does get a bit crowded however. (One of the reasons we get such an early start!) Hulopoe beach on Lana’i has been called one of the top 10 dive sites in the world. We are the only company with permission to bring visitors to this incredible spot! Most of the time the diving and snorkeling here is as good as it gets. There are a few days during the summer months when surf from the South Pacific reduces the visibility. But 95% of the time, the diving and snorkeling here is world class!

I would like to get a job at Trilogy- what should I do?

We are always looking for quality crew. The best way is to come in personally and have an interview with us. We recommend to call us at 808 661 4743 x7029 and ask for a Job Application. Or you can email us at hr@sailtrilogy.com.

If advance booking is necessary can we book online or by phone only?

Phone reservations using our toll free number 1-888-225-MAUI is immediate and direct. However, we answer all e-mail within a day or two.

Do you have Gift Certificates for sale?

Yes, you can purchase them here at our Trilogy Store or call our office 808-874-5649.

We are going on the Kaanapali trip. Is there parking available?

Parking is available at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel (,  2525 Ka’anapali Pkwy, Lahaina,HI 9676) parking structure, and Trilogy will validate your parking pass.

Do you sell Trilogy Crew shirts and other Merchandise?

You can use our secure online Trilogy Store to browse our retail and place orders for Trilogy merchandise. You may also call our toll-free number 1-888-225-MAUI to place your order.

What is the youngest age you would allow for SNUBA diving if the parents were going to join the dive as well?

Regardless if Parents join the dive or not, children must be a minimum of 8 years of age. 스누바 더 알아보기.  Watch here.

Do you offer internet discounts?

From time to time, we may offer seasonal on-line discounts. Follow our social media platforms for last minute deals! Instagram or Facebook.

When do you see whales?

The Humpback whales arrive in Hawaiian waters sometimes as early as October and stay until mid April. From late December through early March we see whales almost every day. Book your Whale Watch today.

How often do you see Dolphins?

Dolphins, both Spinner and bottle nose, are in Hawaiian waters year round. Depending on their feeding cycles, we can see dolphins almost daily on our Discover Lanai excursion.

Can we swim with the Dolphins?

Trilogy adheres to the Dolphin SMART guidelines of not approaching dolphins closer than 50 yards. Swimming with dolphins is considered by some to be harassment so while we don’t offer swimming with dolphins, we often will come across one of the resident pods of spinner dolphins on many of our tours. We see them most commonly on our Discover Lana’i tour.

Which trip is best for first time snorkelers?

We are used to introducing many people to snorkeling. However, you must be comfortable swimming / being in the water. We recommend practicing at your hotel or in a pool before trying for the first time in the ocean.

For beginner snorkelers, we recommend our Discover Lanai excursion–snorkeling off a beach or practicing in the large tide pool seems to be people’s choice for beginners.

Can I bring my baby?

We do not have an age limit however you must not walk around a boat with a child in your arms. Infants in arms can pose a severe safety concern, and walking around a moving boat is challenging in itself. People on boats have fallen on their kids before which has resulted in severe injury–so be careful. If you do bring your baby, please make sure they (the baby) can be securely worn on your body via a baby carrier/ergo. Parents have brought on their baby carseats as a portable option too (never leave your baby/child unattended). We’ve had infants only a few weeks old, join us on sunset sails!  On all our excursions, Children under 2 are free!

Do you have life jackets for my kids?

We can provide both kids jackets and/or ski belts for on board and in water activity for kids 3+. We do recommend parents bring their own puddle-hoppers or lifejackets that their small kids are used to wearing.

Will you watch my kids while my husband and I try Snuba?

Our crew love children but they are not babysitters. Please schedule your dives separately so one parent can stay with children.  스누바 더 알아보기.  Watch here.

Do you have car seats for the van tour?

update 12/2020: Currently we are not offering our Cultural island tour on Lana’i.


Can I wear contacts while snorkeling?

Thousands of our guests have snorkeled wearing contacts. We also have prescription masks with a wide range of optics.

What about people with glasses?

We have Optical masks with a wide range of magnification.

Can my 80 year old mom snorkel?

We will do our best to assist our guests within their abilities! Remember open-ocean snorkeling is an at-risk activity and does require some skill and good health.

Do you have towels?

No, you will need to bring your own towel or you can pre-purchase a towel from our Trilogy Store and we will have it on the boat waiting for you (if you do this, please make a note of it in your reservation when you book)

Is there shade at the beach?

Yes, lots of palm trees however we recommend bringing additional sun protection like sunglasses, a hat, sun shirt, light jacket, and towel.

Where can I change?

All our vessels have changing areas however we recommend you arrive already wearing your bathing suit.

Do you have bathrooms?

All our vessels are equipped with two heads (restrooms).

Do you offer SNUBA®?

Yes! SNUBA® is currently being offered on our Discover Lanai and  Disover Molokini tours. Please contact us at reservations@sailtrilogy.com to check availability and add SNUBA to your reservation. What is Snuba?

스누바 더 알아보기.

What about sharks?

Trilogy does have a “shark protocol”. Reef shark sightings are a rare yet welcomed occurrence. Recently there have been concerns about larger sharks in our waters, and yes, we share the same ocean, however in our 46+ years we have never had our crew or a guest’s safety compromised by an encounter with a shark.

Where can I find your Recipes?

All our recipes are available on our blog.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines for groups traveling together on a Trilogy tour?

While we do not have specific rules solely for groups joining a public tour, we encourage all guests, including those in large groups, to follow general etiquette guidelines. These guidelines include being respectful, considerate, and mindful of their noise level throughout the tour. We also encourage groups to tip their crew individually based on your satisfaction with the service provided. 

Is it possible to have a private charter for our group?

Yes! Private charters for any size group may be available upon request. Please fill out our Charter Request Form or contact our Sales Manager 808-874-5649 x7018  to inquire about private tour options, availability, and pricing.